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Graphic Design Principles

Graphic Design Principles

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After completing this course:

  • You will feel much more confident while designing.
  • You will spend way less time working.
  • And most importantly you will know exactly what is missing from your designs and how to fix it.

What exactly will you learn in this course?

  • We will start off by learning about negative and white space and how even the biggest companies in the world like, apple, tesla and google use them.
  • We will then learn about alignment and balance and their different types with the help of some examples.
  • We will also learn about hierarchy, how to create it and its different patterns.
  • The difference between repetition and rhythm and how to effectively use them in your designs.
  • We will learn how contrast and emphasis can make or break your designs.
  • And finally, how you can make your designs interesting with scale, proportion and movement.

Who is this course for?

Well, if you do any kind of creative work like designing, motion graphic or make website, I believe this course will benefit you.

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