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Illustrator Beginners Course

Illustrator Beginners Course

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Learn everything you need to start making logos, flyers, business cards and all kinds of Illustrations without getting frustrated and confused.

By the end of this course, You will know the basics of Adobe Illustrator, even if you have never opened Illustrator before.

Hello, my name is Talha and I'm an Adobe Illustrator Instructor.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or someone who struggles with Adobe Illustrator, in this course, we will learn everything from scratch. 

We will learn all the necessary tools which are required for making fun and beautiful Designs and Illustrations

  • We will start off by learning about Basic Shapes & Colors and then how to make simple animals out of them.
  • Gradients and how to apply them and self repeating shapes too.
  • Curvature Tool and Pen Tool which is really important if you are into making digital illustrations.
  • Basics of Typography and also make some really cool Text Effects.
  • How to write text in any shapes and yes! How to put an image inside a text.
  • Copy things in a circle, make patterns and how to vectorize images.
  • Make some really fun designs using the tilde key.
  • Golden Ratio and how to make logos using it?
  • And finally some Introduction to 3D Designs and how to make your designs dance using the Puppet Warp tool. Haha.

And after every couple of videos, you will be given a task. So, that you could implement what you have learned.

Can't wait to see you in the course! Kindly download the project files from the link below and lets get started!


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