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Instagram Growth For Creators: Learn How Grow On Instagram Organically

Instagram Growth For Creators: Learn How Grow On Instagram Organically

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After completing this course, you will know how to grow your Instagram even if you just created your account.

Hello everyone. My name is Talha Bhatti and I'm not an Instagram Expert. I'm actually a graphic designer. But in the past whole year, I was able to grow my Instagram from 0 to 170K followers and convert it into my full time business. So you can say that I have learned everything through experimentation.

That is why I decided to make this course, so that you won't have to experiment and make the mistakes which I did.

We will start off by learning about Positioning and branding and what is their important on Instagram.

We will also learn

  • How the Instagram Algorithm Works and also bust some of the myths related to it.
  • How to plan and make content consistently, what type of content to make and when to post it.
  • We will then learn about content distribution strategies including Hashtags. How they work, how to find them according to your niche and how to analyze them. And also my sneaky way of finding hashtags without any tool, which actually bring results.
  • We will then finish off by discussing some obvious don'ts of Instagram, how to get your first 1000 followers and finally how to monetize your Instagram account.

Join course now because I'm super excited to teach you everything which I have learned about Instagram in the past whole year.

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